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// The Carnival of Lost Souls is a world-class touring show, complete with; ensemble Cast, Artistic Director, Choreographer, Lighting Designer, Production Crew, Staging, Lighting, Costumes, Props and Insurances, available for local and international Performing Arts Festivals and Theatre Residencies of any duration.

From single performances to long-term residencies, bus & truck tours or based in a permanent installation, the show can be scaled to suit most venues and budgets.

While developed to play in the round and perfectly suited to vintage Spiegeltents of 200+ capacity, it can be easily adapted to play in black-box theatres with 3-sided thrust seating.

Duration is approx. 90min with no interval. Attendees are truly immersed in the action due to the close proximity with the performers, with cabaret tables for VIP guests circling the performance space.

Set in the Gothic Victorian 19th Century, the story unfolds over 20 acts and includes: acrobatics, magic & illusion, aerials, adagio, juggling, Rolla Bolla, unicycle riding and fire performance.

There is no dialogue; rather the story is told through 12 original songs (written and performed live by Australian band ‘Platonic’) and sung by 2 lead actors (Fortune Teller & Clown). The show can be performed entirely to backing tracks or to a full live band.



Technical Requirements

// Venue

// The Production was conceived to play in vintage Spiegeltents, with a central Performance Ring made of interlocking timber floor boards of 6m dia (minimum) with adjoining rear stage area of no less than 4m (wide) x 3m (deep).

A 6m dia raised circular stage (with adjoining rear rectangular stage) both of up to 0.6m (high) is also suitable, with 3 x non-slip ramps for access; one at the front and one to each side. Construction must be VERY solid, with NO flexing under load, and a smooth, level non-slip surface.

3 access paths to the performance area are required: 2 from the wings and 1 from the front (through the audience). The walkway in front of the booth seating must be kept clear. Unobstructed access from back-stage to the tent is also required.

A red velveteen backdrop 9m wide x 3m high (provided by the Company) and side-wings are needed. The back-stage area must be fully concealed from audience view.

2 x rigging points, located centrally above the performance area for Aerial Hoop (Lyra) and Silks (Tissu) with either mechanical or manual pulley system for lowering and striking. 5m minimum clear height to floor. 7m or more is preferred.



Technical Requirements

// Audio - without Band

The entire show (including performer backing tracks, audience arrival and exit music) is played via a MacBook Pro running QLab (controlled by the FOH Operator)

• Active 3-way stereo PA system i.e. 18" sub, 15" midrange, 2" throat compression drivers per side OR passive system equivalent

• FOH Power Amps: 2 racks @ 1,000W each or 2,000W total

• 1 x 12/4 XLR multicore, running from Stage to Control Area

• 2 x DPA 4088 head-worn condenser mics with Audio Technica System 10 Receivers (provided by Company)

• 2 x wireless hand-held mics, Audio Technica System 10 (provided by Company)

• Mixer: 24 channels, 5 auxiliary sends, 4 band parametric EQ. All XLR type balanced inputs. Prefer Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, Midas, Yamaha, etc.

• Processing: dbx Compressors, Graphic EQ’s, Reverb, Delay, etc

• 1 x dual CD player, cueable style



Technical Requirements

// Audio - with Band

As above, plus

• Fold-back: 3 - 4 wedges (floor monitors) each passive 15" + 1" exit compression drivers

• Fold-back Power Amps: 3 racks @ 1,000W each (i.e. 6 x 500W modules) 3,000W total

• 1 x 24/8 XLR multicore, running from Stage to Control Area

• 6 x Shure SM 57 microphones (instrument amps & drums), 2 x AKG 451 drum overhead condensers (or equivalent), 1 x Shure beta 52 kick drum mic (or equivalent) 3 x Direct Injection Boxes (DI's)

• 12 x mic stands with booms (8 x tall, 4 x short)

• All necessary cabling including speaker cables, mic cables, assorted mains cables and 6 x 4 outlet power boards with overload/surge protection


Technical Requirements

// Lighting

MOVING LIGHTS (Profile Spots)

• 8 x MAC 700’s Moving Head Spot

MOVING LIGHTS (Moving Wash Head)

• 8 x Pluto 2000 LED Wash 8 – 63 degree RGBW

LED FIXTURES (8 watt LED Cans)

• 20 x Astera AX3 Lightdrop

• 12 x Showline SL Par 155

LED FIXTURES (Cyc Batterns)

• 6 x LED RGBW Cyc Batterns


• 12 x ETC Source Four 36 Degree Profiles

• 12 x Source Four Zoom 25 / 50 Profiles

• 12 x Source Four Zoom Gobo Holders


• 10 x 1200 watt Selecon Fresnels


• 1 x 12 Chn x 2.4kw Digital GP12 Dimmer

• 1 x LSC APS 13AMP Distro Rack


• Lumen Radio CRMX Nova TX DMX Transmitter


• 2 x Sweefog Ultimate 3000 Hazer (DMX)


• 1 x ETC 1000 ION Lighting Console (1024 Outputs)

• 1x ION Universal Fader Wing 2 x 10

• 2 x 19” Flat Screen LCD Monitors


• 20 x 5 pin 30m DMX Leads

• 20 x 5 pin 20m DMX Leads

• 20 x 5 pin 10m DMX Leads

• 20 x 5 pin 5m DMX Leads

• 20 x 5 pin 3m DMX Leads


• 10 x 6way 30m Power looms

• 10 x 5 way 20m Power Looms

• 10 x 6 way 10m Power Looms

• 10 x 6 way 50m Power Looms


• 20 x 240v 30m DMX Leads

• 20 x 240v 20m DMX Leads

• 20 x 240v 10m DMX Leads

• 20 x 240v 5m DMX Leads

• 20 x 240v 3m DMX Leads

TRUSSING (if no LX bars provided)

• 15 x 3m lengths Box Truss

• 10 x 8m lengths Tri Truss

• Truss bolts and nuts x 100

• Short length extender pipe x 30

• 15 x 500kg Chain Block Motors

• 5 x 1 tonne Chain Block Motors

Note: Exact lighting requirements are subject to change depending on venue size, theatre layout and make-up of house rig (if available).



Cast & Production Crew

• 12 x Cast Members/Performers

• 1 - 5 x Musicians (if live music/band provided)

• Artistic Director (Rehearsals & opening nights only)

• Choreographer (Rehearsals & opening nights only)

• Lighting Designer/Operator (Venue Rehearsals & Shows)

• Technical Director & Follow Spot/Dome Operator (Venue Rehearsals & Shows)

• FOH/FB Audio Operator (Venue Rehearsals & Shows)

• Stage Manager (Venue Rehearsals & Shows)

• 2 x Make-up Artists & 1 x Hair Stylist (Shows only if required)